Product Information

Cumcumber - Telegraph

This is the most popular cucumber and is grown under glass. It is long, usually 30–45 cm, and often individually wrapped in plastic because its skin is very soft and is easily damaged. The plastic stops the cucumber drying out and going soft. Telegraph cucumber skin does not need peeling. They are often referred to as seedless because when harvested at their best, the seeds are immature or virtually nonexistent.

Cucumber - Short

Sometimes this is called the standard or stubby cucumber. It is short and has a slightly uneven surface. Grown indoors all year round, it can also be grown outdoors in the summer. The skin on a standard cucumber is tougher than a telegraph cucumber and is usually peeled. For some uses the seeds are also removed.

Lettuce - Iceberg

Iceberg lettuce, also known as crisp-head lettuce, is enjoyed for its mild flavor and crispness. It's a delicious addition to salads and perfect for lettuce wraps. This variety keeps longer than most other types of lettuce, making it a wise economical choice since it minimizes spoilage and waste.