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Royal Gala

New season royal gala apples. Approx. 6 apples per kilo  

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Sweet Tango

Premium quality Yummy stickered apples.

Regular price $5.99

Queen (Bag)

Approx. 1.5 kg bag

Regular price $2.99

Ambrosia Apples

Beautiful large low acid sweet apple from the Yummy Fruit co.

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Regular price $4.99

Royal Gala Apples (bag)

New season royal gala apples prepacked in approx 1.3 - 1.4kg bags

Regular price $2.99

Genesis Apples - Bag

Genesis is a firm, sweet apple, a sister variety to Jazz. 10 apples per bag approx. 1.5kg per bag

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Genesis Apples

Beautiful firm, crisp and sweet apple. A sister variety to Jazz.

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