Produce with personality

Posted by Jamie Eru on

The best looking produce isn't always the best tasting. Cooking shows and celebrity chefs have convinced us all that we should only use the best produce if we are to create tasty delicious meals, they're assuming that how produce looks equates to flavor or tastiness.
And not all produce can be perfect right? In every crop there are the outliers, the big ones, the small ones, the ones that are the wrong shape or have a blemish on the skin. The ones we're conditioned to turn our noses up at when we come across them on the market shelf. These less than perfect lookers are considered 2nd class or even 3rd class and sold off cheap or assigned to processing factories to turn them into juice or sauce or soup or any of the hundreds of things that they are still good for.
But that's just it...they're still good. As with people, you can tell a lot by how a something looks; but you can't tell everything. The age old 'don't judge a book by it's cover' is entirely appropriate here. Juiciness, tastiness, sweetness, texture; the stuff that makes you smile (the personality) is masked by its looks and until we get past that, we'll never really know what they are like.
To the savvy buyer, this type of produce is a great opportunity to put good, healthy food on tables and in pantries with much better value for money.
So, just like people, beauty is more than skin deep, so when you're out shopping for healthy produce, look for produce with personality!

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