Ordering and Delivery Update!!

Posted by Jamie Eru on

We're catching up!! All orders received today that haven't already been delivered will leave the store for delivery at 8:30am tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience.

Delivery (and the accompanying software) has caught us by surprise a little bit; we've enjoyed a few teething issues in our first couple of days.

When we first went into lockdown this time around, I felt it was important to get delivery up and running quickly and we'd figure out some stuff along the way - including things like picking and packing materials, trip planning software, lead times and  delivery areas and fees etc.

To that end, we've made the some to our 'Local Delivery' service

Lead Times:

Next day delivery (latest). Depending on the number of deliveries, if we can deliver the same day, we will.


Delivery Area Order Value Delivery Fee
Within 5km $20 (min) $5

Within 5km

$50+ Free

Within 10km

$20 (min) $10

Within 10km

$50 $5

Within 10km

$100+ Free


Map of delivery Zones:

Thanks for sticking with us. Hope your lockdown is going well...looks like we might be in for a long one.

Stay safe everybody.

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